Saturday, January 29, 2011


I went to my dashboard and saw this title on The stardoll society: Disneydoll?
I read the whole post, containing the photo and saw:

I love to watch Disney Channel at TV but this is a discrimination for +90 milions members. I will leave stardoll for sure. All the blogs for stardoll will be left and for sure nobody will let one open. 


Auh-Mazing Look Judging!

Hey everyone! :] I have finally made the club so please join it! You may watch me and the other judges discuss but you may not write in the post! :] Ok thx!


Friday, January 28, 2011

New doll for Superstars!

Hello stylish readers.
The latest doll for superstars only is Alexa Vega.

Who is Alexa Vega?

Alexa Ellesse Vega(born August 27, 1988)
is an American actress, singer and pianist.
She is best known for playing Carmen Cortez in Spy Kids trilogy
and Shilo Wallace in the movie Repo! the Genetic Opera.

In 2009, she starred as the title character Ruby Gallagher
in the ABC Family series Ruby & The Rockits.

Did you know about her before?
So far, I didn't xD.

That's all for now,

Hiring writers

Hey yo. Do you remember the form that I did? It wasn't working but now you can comment on that post with the answers. Remeber that you have to post EVERYTHING that is free.

More Contest Info!

:] Hey everyone! So about the Auh-mazing look contest :] Tommorw (Friday, Janurary 27th) I will be making a club where i will invite all the writers of SSS to join and we will judge your entries :] Anyone may join the club but if you are not a writer and you post something in our disscusion you will be disqualified from the competiton! :] Ok so thx for reading!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia day

Australia Day
Stardoll is celebrating Australia Day! Make an Australian scenery and winsurprise gifts! The best sceneries will get fantastic Stardollar prizes!
The contest starts on the 27th of January and ends on the 11th of February.

This is what stardoll wrote on the competitions page.
Do you like? What you have to do is a scenery and you have time to 11th of February and the winner gets prizes of Stardollars.

Will you participate?

February hot buys

January hot buys. I think stardoll fall this time with the hot buys. They are ugly except the bag, the earrings, the top and the shoes. The rest of clothes are horibble.Me and all of Stardoll thinks that October 2010 hot buys were AWESOME. Don't you think?!

New LOGO for RIO

Do you remeber the post that I did about the 'strange' shop?Yeah, it's Rio. Stardoll added a new logo and I think it isn't better than the last one because gold is not the right word for clothes that are in Rio:D

Anyway, do you like it?

Hot buys Faux fur hat is released

The newest hot buy! I like it so much. It seem to be a hat with balls of wool :D
The colors are awesome also  the graphic is very good made. 

Real life version:
Thanks to Seen on Stardoll

Do you like it? will you buy it ?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tangled store!

Yay, another late post, another lost day. I hate days when I have to go to school.
You can buy those hairwigs, the purple dress and some items for suite.

If you are from UK, you will see the shop in 'store window' if not, there is a link that bring you to the respective items.

Click HERE

Credit to for the photo and the link.

Hot Buys Dress is Released!!

YEAH that 'strange' shop is RIO:D 
(Sorry for the late post of the dress but our hot buys presenter has tests this week!)
This dress if colourful from a strange shop that I can't see on 'store windows' 

Do you like? comment


New Shop called Tokyo PopShop. I don't like Asia and I can't call the items 'nice'.
So I am not  for the shop. If you like comment!

Do you think this shop is cool?

New mouths for superstars!

Yay! again new things in beauty parlor for superstars, I like the second one and the one that I'm wearing.
They are awesome because they have teeth:D (I know how it called):D

 Do you like? comment!

Competition: Make-Up

I want to make a competitiom for you.
In this competition you need to make a make-up for winter ONLY with this colors: white, blue, black and gray.
After them, make a photo for make-up and put the photo on tinypic.
Put the link here.

The winner , get 20 stardollars, votes covergirl, album and scenery and a comment in guestbook.
Good-Luck !

Brown Make-up

Today I create for you a special make-up with this colors: brown and black.
Use this steps:

Do you like the make-up?
Comment !

Lady GaGa Make-Up

Today I make for you a Lady GaGa make-up.
Use this steps for do the make-up :

What do you think?
Do you like the make-up?
Comment !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beauty Parlor changes

Hey! Again we have changes in beauty parlor. Take a look:

 a new background for the parlor and you can zoom your doll see it better:

New head shapes for superstars only:

Old noses are back:

And new eyes for superstars only:

Do you like these new things? comment! 

lots of Spoilers!!

Today whe have lotts of spoilers. Some of I think the New sunny bunny collection:

and whe have some interrieur"( furniture)spoilers I really like them :

Do you like anything? tell me in comments.

Auh-mazing Look Comp: UPDATE!

Hello Everyone :] As you all know i have a contest going on. At the moment there is 6 people in the competition but we need 10 people to pick a winner :] So invite your friends to join :] Now here are some updates:

I will be making a club in 4 days about all the comps i hold on 'Stardolls So Stylish' Because whenever i hold a competition the other writers and i will be picking winner so as you know me and the other writers will be picking a winner for this comp too :] Everyone can join the club and read what we are saying but CAN NOT POST ANYTHING! If you do you will be disqualified from whatever contest u are in!

 Upcoming Comps: Auh-mazing suite comp and Auh-mazing makeup comp NOTE: Those of you who put makeup on your auh-mazing look comp did not have to but they were amazing :] but you will have to make a new one for the makeup comp becaue it needs to match what dress i pick.

So when i run for covergirl it will say who made my outfit, makeup, and suite :] 

The suite and makeup comp will start later :]

Monday, January 24, 2011


We have spoilers for UK from Tangled (Rapunzel)
Maybe in starplaza will be a store for UK only:(
Sometimes it's very annoying to have a store or anything for a country only.
We also have long hairstyle and I hope we can get them.

Aren't they awesome?comment! 

New doll: K3

Heey everyone maybe you have already saw it on the frontpage but theres a new superstar doll.

dolls exactly Its K3 a girl group in the Netherlands and Belgium. Its a girlgroup for childeren. The 3 original members are: Karen Damen, Kathleen Aerts and Kristel Verbeke. The blond on Kathleen left the group and was been replaced by Josje. I don't know why they didn't make a doll for here.

I have never heard of this group before. What about you did you ever heard of them? Are you going to dress them up?

Tell me in comments.

New Scenery for UK

Stardoll added for UK a new scenerey from Tangled. If you aren't from UK, you can't make a scenery with it, unfortunately:(

Thanks to SMW for the photo.


Superstars get Quick!

Hi!Today is a new day! A free day (for me ;D)
We have news, free stuff and much more. You should visit this blog everyday for these things!

Today every member of Stardoll got a message from the staff saying that you get much more stardollars just for buying more.The offer is good because we benefit much.

The offer is until 26th january 2011.


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