Saturday, September 10, 2011

New language :]

As you can see above stardoll has added a new language, i am pretty sure that it is beta because they may have made mistakes [:

Juxt a pose :]

Well i saw the new range of clothes called 'Juxt a pose' if you put the the words together making it 'juxtapose' in the dictionary it says; to place something together or side by side. Did stardoll look up what the word meant before they used it? O_o

New Miss Stardoll Wrold nail polish [:

Sorry it's late, but there are new Miss Stardoll World nail polishes I like them but i don't think they will come out well, what i mean is that nobody really looks at the nail polishes, you can only really see it on the medoll, but you can only really see the colour.
One more thing, i find it funny that if i put polish with a capital, it becomes Polish (the language)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The awkward moment when the truth dawns on you.

Yesterday I went back to school after the holidays, I am now in year  (English years) and that is the start of my GCSEs and the teachers are giving my LOADS of homework, i have had 6 lessons so far in the year (two on the first day and i missed one today due to an extended form time) and for homework (that i have now completed because i do my homework on the day) i have had to;
  • Make a mood board on ugly dolls.
  • Make a page in my book about the most important events in the 20th century (one of them i put as the first Harry Potter book being realised)
  • Cover my history book
  • Make a climate graph
  • Cover my geography book
  • Make another mood bored on a architectural designer
  • Bring in a reading book
So yeah- a lot, i don't know how i am going to cope with all the homework, so i have made a strict 'get home, finish ALL homework, then go on stardoll' policy, this also means i will not be able to post very much (sorry)

The title of this post, is based on when my Maths teacher told us our first GCSE is going to be in March and will count for a 3rd of our overal mark , and then the truth dawn on my that i am not a little kid any more, i have to start being responsible, life is short and i don't want to spend it doing something i do not like because i did not get the right qualifications.

Life is short, don't waste it

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The new shop in starplaza is called MISS STARDOLL WORLD.
From this shop you can buy some really expensive clothes but also things with starcoins.
I already bought a dress and I'm thinking of buying more. I don't really like all the items are really nice.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I can't think of a title.

I was thinking of leaving stardoll, because of something (I'd rather not go into it), it was me who convinced me not too; on my presentation put 'I'm going away from stardoll, until my troubles run away' but then i thought- why should i run away from them.

Don't get to attached to stardoll; it is full of lying, cheating people, but occasionally you come across some people that make you smile, some people you would log on everyday just to watch them type out words. There are others who will say they are someone they are not, i used to pretend i had a whole other life (on my old account) because i was unhappy with the one i lived and am still living. But when i rejoined, i realised i don't have to have a good life to make people like me, i just have to be good to them.

Stardoll isn't real you can't feel love with people, but you can gain their friendship, their trust- why would you want anything else? I don't agree with dating on stardoll, for all you know they could be anyone. You could be talking to an old man or more likely a little kid wanting to be a teenager, something he is not.

Being naive can be the easiest way to life, but if you dig deep enough you can discover thing, that might change your friend ship of whatever but if you are really close you will be able to sort it out, so while being naive may seem like the easiest option, not being naive is the best way to live.

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Mortal Kiss Decor [:

Now as well as mortal kiss cloths, there is mortal kiss decor. My first reaction was; okay O_o, but the more i look at it the more i like it, my favourite item HAS to be the hand on the second page (the one in the right hand corner because you could hang stuff on it) There's is a good range of starcoin items as well.

What's your favourite item and why?

Free Mortal Kiss Bracelet.

Today in the mortal kiss calender, they are giving away a free bracelet;
You can get it here :)
Personally i am going to buy it, but if someone gave it to me in real life (or even try and sell it to me) i wouldn't wear if, it looks like one of those free gifts that aren't worth anything that you get when you buy a copy for a tweenage/ teenage magazine. I don't think i will put it on my doll, and definitely not right now.

What do you think?


Click on the image to go to the page

Yeah right! We got a facebook! If you didn't know, we have facebook from long time ago but I kept it very down on the blog, above the labels.You can add us. And everyday I will check the account to add the people who sent a request!

500 friends = PARTY!!!!!

Tell to your facebook friends to add us too, so we will get 500 friends faster!!


Yeah, The broadcasts are working! now you can send messages for your bazaar, suite,scenery, album etc by paying 5 sd! I'm personally so happy that the broadcasts are working. They wasn't working for so many days even a week. Well, it's Monday, it's a brand new day and it's obiously that they should work

Click HERE to go to broadcasts!

Also there are some new words, at the letter D and others (I didn't check them at all)


Hey I just checked like everyday the top designers to see what's on and today I saw 3 designs that don't deserve to be on top! Look at the FIRST , the second and the 6th place. These are 3 kinds of designs that everyone would be able to make. And also CrystalsJoy won 2 places. The 3th is won by her official account and the 8 place is won by her second account. mariana971 won a place but not deserving it no way. Adding a print on a blouse brings her to the top?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Is stardoll down? D':

Recently, i have been having trouble with stardoll and i know a lot of people have had the same troubles. It maybe due to updates or too many people being on at once (this happens a lot on pottermore- beautiful pottermore ♥______♥) or maybe something crashed, i really don't know; are you having the same problems? I have tryed into on; firefox, crome and Internet explorer with no luck ):

Comment because you know you want to win the top commenter plus it's nice to hear peoples thoughts :)
UPDATE; it's back :D
UPDATE; it's gone again, gosh stardoll make up your mind -____- 
UPDATE; after having a talk with people we have found out that proxies work, implying it is only UK & Ireland  
UPDATE; it's back :') 
UPDATE (20:29- i think it is a good idea to post the times); it's gone :O
Update(20:31)(this is commitment); back :)


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