Saturday, September 25, 2010

Free Halloween Decorations

Thanks Stardoll Official for the photo.

Paste in proxy bar:
Log in to stardoll..
Paste in proxy bar:

Wait about 2-3 minutes then go to stardoll as usual.

Free CampRock 2 Drums Set!

If you are from Netherlands click HERE and watch a video.
If you aren't from Netherlands go to: OR

Paste in proxy bar:

Log in to stardoll

Wait a wile till page loads completely.

Then go to stardoll as usual.

Hot Buys Wedge Heels Are Released!

These Hot Buys Shoes are in starplaza.
They are inspired by Stella McCartney.
For Superstars only & costs 6 stardollars ( nothing much )
I Love their colour, but the form is a little bit 'old' what you think about it ?

Real Life Version:

Thankies for Hot Buys Addicted.

Free CampRock 2 Jacket!

Thanks SMW.

For this jacket you don't need any proxies.

Just log off to Stardoll..

Paste in browse bar:

Log in to stardoll and enter the poll.. Choose what answers you want :)

You also dont need to join the club.


Rare Dress For Free

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Everyone get this message from stardoll..
If you will become a superstar or you will renew your superstar membership you will get this.
Nothing special because it isn't a RARE. Is from Stardoll Shop and you can buy it from starbazar.

Free Pretzel

If you are from Germany click HERE and enter the competition!
Thanks USD.

If you are not from germany and you're really interested to get this go to :

And paste in proxy bar:

Hit enter or click go!

Log in to stardoll...

Paste again in proxy bar:

Friday, September 24, 2010

SALES on Starplaza

Update: You can find sales in: Evil Panda, Bisou, Pretty in Pink, Tingeling, Voile, Stardoll, Fudge, Folk, Rio, Fallen Angel.

SPLASH and KOHLS sales! half price. I maked print screen to only the first floor beacuse i will go to a party :D haha . so:


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Front Row London shop

UPDATE: Is already in starplaza!!!

This floor from Front Low is cooming soon.
The floor will be released soon
But if you want to buy right now
Click HERE

And buy what you want :)

xoxo, Romana


Just more shoes..

Thanks Media Partner - The Stardoll Group for the photo :)

So what you think of these shoes & Bags ?
Leave your opinion in comments !!

Dumb jokes?!?!

Stardoll changed again the site. Take a look ! They wanna say i'm not a ss? how is at you ?

New StarDesign

There is a new design in StarDesign for superstars only and costs 12 stardollars. <--- you know it.

I think is a little too expensive but it is great!

When you sew it:
I used purple colour. you can use like about 100 colors:D haha :d

FREE Stardoll TV Dress

The photo is from USD because i dont know to use Manual Proxy.. so i cuted in photoshop. thanks USD ! port 8080

or port 80 or port 8000

When you're done go to

Log in then watch the movie.

go to stardoll as usual.

New Scenery Background

So if you want to create a scenery with the theme 'basketball' you can enjoy! it is here!!!
So what is your opinion?


Pychu_o6 covergirl. What THE HELL is going on with stardoll ?!?!? A boy? again ! like Lucas.Poland and Erykardo now Pychu_06 what will be in the future?


Free Arm Chair

If you are from Poland click HERE and enter the competition.
If you aren't from Poland go to or

Paste in proxy bar:

Hit enter or click GO

Log in to Stardoll..

Paste in proxy bar:

Wait a wile

then go to Stardoll as usual.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I think they are already in starplaza but i don't have time right now to take a look. The credit is for Stardoll's Most Wanted now. I know all authors & owners of any blogs are busy with school but they make time to search spoilers.. i will try to make time for spoilers with the link of my blog:D

So what you think about it ?

New Starpoints Rewards!

Babuci1992 informed Jenna ( SMW ) for these new starpoints rewards!!

I think i will have 13000 starpoints when i will have 20 years! or maybe more than 20 :D
You? How many starpoints do you have?

Let me know in a comment! :)

Hot buys Sweater is released !!!

This sweater is right now in starplaza.
For 16 stardollars and for superstars ONLY.
I think is pretty but a little bit expensive..

Real life version:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Inspried by Pringle of Scotland.
Thanks HotBuysAddicted :)

So what you think about it?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Free Peace&Love T-shirt

Today is the International Day of Peace and stardoll is giving away this Peace&Love T-shirt :)

If you are from Russia or Latvia click HERE and enter the contest..

If you are not from Russia or Latvia go to

and paste in proxy bar:

Log in .. then paste in proxy bar:

Wait a wile till the page loads and go to stardoll as usual.

The T-shirt should be in a giftbox in your suite :)

Last chance to buy palls!!

New Garden Variety!

A new Garden Variety..

Do you like them?

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Store ....... Front Row..

I like some of them but are not very special.. just my opinion...

FREE Fudge Green Shirt

Thanks USD for photo and main informations.

Go to or

Log in.. then paste in proxy bar:

Go to stardoll as usual.

If you know how to get another free stuff leave me know in your comments!

FREE Frankie Sunglasses

These sunglasses from 'The Saturdays'
Go to Stardoll and log in..

paste in proxy bar:

If you want .. either the contest or paste:

Sunglasses will appear in your suite in a giftbox..

Spoilers ...

I will credit Underneath Stardoll this time because i had school till 16:10, i had 2 hours of particulary math now i have to learn a verse and to draw something all for school.. :-<>

Thanks again USD...

so what you think about these spoilers?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Free Fudge School Bag ..WITHOUT MANUAL PROXY

Thanks SMW

If you are from Greece .. Click HERE..

If you aren't from Greece.. follow these steps:

click Begin Browsing or hit Enter...
Log in to Stardoll...

Paste in the proxy bar:
wait a wile till page loads then go to stardoll as usual.

Free Fish Hooks T -shirt WITHOUT MANUAL PROXY

Thanks SMW

You can get this T-shirt without manual proxy.
Just with a web proxy.
If you are from USA click HERE watch some videos with Fish Hooks.

If you aren't from USA.. follow these steps:

2) paste in proxy bar:
3) Log in to stardoll..
4) Wait a wile till page loads then go to stardoll as usual..
The T-shirt should be in your suite:)


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