Saturday, October 2, 2010

Winter Mill High school for sale !

Click HERE and choose the third circle from those ADS. It will bring you to suite shop where you can find an school interior for 15 stardollars.. nothing much.... Opinions?

FREE Fudge Plated Leather Belt

go to

Paste in proxy bar:

Hit enter or click 'GO'

Log in to stardoll...

Then paste in proxy bar:

Go to stardoll as usual :)

FREE Marc Jacobs Dress AND Bisou Yellow Ankle Boots ( FOR SUPERSTARS ONLY )

and paste in proxy bar:

Log in to stardoll..

Then paste in proxy bar:

Go to stardoll as usual..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROMANA:D myspace graphic comments
Happy 11 to me:D

I get a guitar! i love it!!!!

PLEASE leave a coment in this post saying happy birthday to me!!!!!

thanks! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

New endangered specie

It's a little bit scary.. not?:P

click HERE and click Adopt Me :)

Free I ♥ love Germany SHIRT!

This time stardoll killed me with free things. I LOVE GERMANY. and stardoll is giving out a free I Heart Germany Shirt.. i got it but in starplaza are some german clothes and i don't have money to buy something.. and yesterday i had:@ ah!

Just click HERE and buy it.. you also will see at the section 'new' those germany clothes :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free Dove Items!!!

go to or

And paste in proxy

Then Log in.. wait a wile..

Then log out from proxy stardoll and go to stardoll as usual...

Tell me in a comment what you think about it!

and i got a khols AD from stardoll.. they are making reclam to their sale :)

Free Fur Jacket

and paste in proxy bar: or

And paste in proxy bar:

Hit enter or click 'GO'

Then paste in proxy bar:

Tell me in comments what you think about it!

Tingeling Halloween Couture in STARPLAZA!

This shop is genial! i purchased some dresses, i could not resist! i love it :D maybe because halloween is autumn ( 31 october ) and i was born on autumn too :D but here, on Romania the halloween isn't spending :( ok.. what you think about it ? let me know in comments!

Hot Buys Leather Jacket is Released !

PS: This Saturday - my birthday :D

Hot buys Leather jacket is out in starplaza... i purchased it automatically because i buy all hot buys even they are ugly or beauty :D so... let see some details of it..

It is for superstars.. You can find it in Evil Panda...
It costs 10 stardollars... i think is a good price:D

And the real life version:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Free CampRock2 Piano

Stardoll is giving away again a boring CampRock2 item... so if you are from Netherlands go HERE and enter the competition..

If you aren't from Netherlands go to and paste in proxy bar: hit enter or click GO...

Log in to Stardoll then paste in proxy bar:

Then scroll down, you'll see 'enter competition'.. don't complete the box, just click enter competition. wait a wile then go to stardoll as usual.

Couture Fall 2010 is coming on Stardoll

Couture Fall 2010 is coming on stardoll soon.. so.. i like all of them ! i'm gonna buy all!

And Real Life versions ( thanks underneath stardoll ) :


GameZone store

I really don't understand this store effect. Just some games? mmm.. i don't know .. you ?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FREE Simple Sequin Dress

go to or and paste in proxy bar:

Log in, then wait a wile till page loads..

then go to stardoll as usual ..

the dress should be in a giftbox in your suite.

Free Peach Satin Dress from Simple

Follow exactly these steps or this dress will be NOT in your suite :)

Go to 'My Account' ---> settings ----> you will see a number, that is your USER ID. Don't copy it right now.

Now, open a new tab ( CTRL + T ) and paste this link in adress bar: DON'T HIT ENTER OR CLICK GO!

Now, go to your 'my account' and copy the USER ID and paste it in adress bar. next to -----> ID HERE!

Have you understood?!

then, scroll down, you will see this:

Put your details there ( they don't must to be your personal details )
then tick 'terms and conditions' box. click submit and wait a wile.

Go to stardoll as usual and you will see it in a giftbox :)

comment! let me know about your opinion!


a lot of spoilers!!! i worked so much this time... opinions?

click to enlarge.

Front Row Milan Shop

Nothing special here in Milan :D i like the red dress from left ( Red Satin & Lace Shift ) and Snake Print Single Sleeve Dress .. What about you ?!?! Are you gonna buy something?!? tell me!

Free Extra Stardollars ( 26 sd )

Free Extra Stardollars?! are you kidding with me !? I personally think is the same sh*t. Maybe Free Extra Stardollars big offer would be that with 100 stardollars and 1 month superstars membership too ! for free only if you buy more stardollars. I wanna read 100 comments on this post. Just tell me some of your ideas of 'Big offer on stardoll' :D i will make a petiition with all of your ideas and stardoll will watch it !! Right now!

FREE Audrey Skirt!

If you are from Poland go HERE and enter the competition.
If you aren't from Poland, go to OR OR

Paste in proxy bar:

Log in to stardoll then paste in proxy bar:

Go to stardoll as usual.

Opinions ?:)

Free Necklace?!?!

UPDATE: thaks HoupIsOnFire for telling me: the necklace is from Free Audrey Skirt :)
I just went to beauty parlor a few minutes ago and i saw in a starplaza bag this necklace... i remeber very sure i don't purchased it.. but i don't know from where i get this necklace...

PLEASE leave a comment here, in this post and tell me if you get it or not. thanks!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sanrio Friends items are available

As you can see.. is 50th aniversary of Sanrio... And in starplaza is a shop available for only some countires ( not in mine country but if is in starplaza brands in your country let me know in comments! )

And the shop is:

If is not in starplaza your country,
click HERE and buy what you want!

And some Real-Life versions:

FREE Mollie Top

It's easy to get this top :D

Go to

Log in...

It will be in a giftbox in your suite.

Spoilers !!!

Today i found some spoilers on Stardoll's Most Wanted and i'm gonna copy the photos because i am bad & back to spoilers now :( i will search some new authors and i'm sure they are ready to post spoilers:D ok..

These clothes are definitely Hello Kitty..
Maybe will be 'Hello Kitty' store or something xD

Also Camp Rock 2 items:

Maybe they will be free ;D

And some spoilers wich are in update to SMW:D


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